Covid 19 Vaccine Efficacy


  • Nighat Murad PHRC, Head Office, Islamabad


The highly contagious SARS-CoV-2, (COVID-19), has put huge pressure on the health-care system worldwide. In order to trick the immune system into producing response different vaccines with varying technologies have been developed. In Pakistan so far around seven different Covid-19 vaccines are being administered. 1 Most of the vaccines are designed for two dose schedule while few are single dose. Some like Pfizer use messenger RNA (mRNA), other like AstraZeneca hijack adenovirus, while others like Sinopharm use the more traditional method of using an inactivated virus.2This has led to significant reduction in clinically significant coronavirus disease cases as well the number of asymptomatic infection and the associated infectivity. As of this writing on 14th July 2022 Pakistan has 128,114,044 (58%) fully vaccinated and 137,719,583 (62.3%) single dose vaccinated people.3 ...................................





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