Impact of Pelvic Pain on Hip Adductors in Pregnant Females during Third Trimester

    Rikza Naseer(1*), Rabiya Noor(2), Salman Bashir(3), Munaza Arwa(4), Iqra Qadir (5)


Background: Pregnancy leads to some physiological changes and anatomical changes within maternal and developmental fetus. Posterior pelvic pain usually arises in 20% of the pregnant ladies which may become a cause of adductor tightness during third trimester.

Objective: The objective of the study was to find out the impact of pelvic pain on hip adductors in pregnant females during third trimester.

Study type, settings & duration: A cross sectional study was conducted at Arif Memorial Teaching Hospital, General Hospital Lahore and Dr. Sadia Khan Clinic, Lahore from March to October 2019.  

Methodology: Total 206 pregnant women were enrolled. A non-probability convenient sampling method was used. Keeping the margin of error 0.05% and level of significance equal to 5%. Pain was measured by pelvic girdle questionnaire and hip adduction was measured by hip adduction test using goniometer. The standard normal range of hip adduction was 25.

Results: Pelvic Pain during pregnancy was reported by 66 % of multigravida patients which was 135 out of 206. Data collector and data analyzer were blinded and main methodological problems were avoided by careful study planning to avoid biasness. Hip adduction tightness was up to 16 degree and found in the pregnant ladies; whereas normal range of hip adduction is 20 to 30 degree. Hip adductors tightness mostly found in multigravida patient with the mean age of 29 years.

Conclusion: Study concluded that pregnant ladies who suffered from posterior pelvic pain during third trimester can also have hip adductor tightness.

Keywords: Pelvic pain, lumbopelvic pain, primigravida, multigravida, adductor tightness

(1) Rashid Latif Medical Complex, Lahore.
(2) Riphah International University, Lahore.
(3) Riphah International University, Lahore.
(4) Rashid Latif Medical Complex, Lahore.
(5) Rashid Latif Medical Complex, Lahore.
(*) Corresponding Author
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