Perceptions and Struggle of Corneal Donation and Transplants: You can see the World even after Death


  • Sana Abbas Armed Forces Institute of Ophthalmology, Rawalpindi
  • Aisha Rafique Armed Forces Institute of Ophthalmology, Rawalpindi


cadaver, corneal transplantation, penetrating keratoplasty


Objective: To assess knowledge, opinion and perception of the general population regarding corneal donation and transplantation. Another objective was to investigate desires, fulfilment, battle and results of patient’s experiences of Corneal Transplant Surgeries performed at Tertiary Care Eye Hospital.

Study type, settings & duration: A Cross-sectional study conducted at Tertiary Care Eye Hospital over a period of twenty one months from July 2018 till April 2020.

Methodology: The format of the questionnaire was based on previously published studies in the field of corneal transplantation. Our study was divided into two parts. The first part was conducted via structured questionnaire distributed among the general population (n =2090) visiting our hospital as patients and attendants which assessed basic knowledge regarding corneal transplantation and willingness for donation. Next step was  interviews of operated patients of penetrating keratoplasty (n =30).

Results: Total 2090 participants responded to questionnaire in our institution with mean age of sample as 36.66±9.00 years. 1693 (81%) had the opinion that corneal donation will help restoring vision of sufferers whereas 300 (14.3%) considered it unethical. 28 (93.3%) of the patients were in good health and prognosis after surgery whereas 2(6.7%) did not have a good outcome. Vision and quality of life of 29 (96.7%) patients’ improved.30 (100%) supported the idea of corneal donation and transplantation.

Conclusion: To conclude a noteworthy population can support corneal donation if the government builds up appropriate channels and facilities to promote corneal donation and eye banks.




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