Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy


Pakistan Journal Medical Research (PJMR) publishes original material of interest to the researchers, scientists and practitioners in the broad field of medicine, biomedical sciences and health research. Articles describing original clinical or laboratory investigations, field health studies and case reports will be considered for publication. From time to time invited articles, editorials and review of selected topics will be published.


PJMR has agreed to receive manuscripts in accordance with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) (www.icmje.org) and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) (http://publicationethics.org/).


Authorship and Acknowledgment Criteria:

The authorship criteria will be based on the followings;

1. Conception or design of the study,

2. Collection, analysis, or interpretation of data

3. Drafting as well critical review of the manuscript

4. Approval of the submitted final version

All those who are being listed as an author should meet all four criteria so that they should accountable for all aspects of the study.

However, all those who do not meet above-mentioned criteria but helped in the study should be acknowledged for his or her contribution.

The contributions of all authors need to be submitted along with the copyright proforma. The name of the corresponding author should be provided who will be responsible for all communication with the journal. The name of deceased authors (if any) should be included with a death dagger (†) next to the author's name, and a footnote stating that the author is deceased and giving the date of their death e.g. †Deceased 1 January 2016.


Note: After the submission of the manuscript, PJMR does not allow any change in the authors i.e. both additions and removal without any valid reason.


Conflict of Interest and Funding Disclosure

All authors should declare the conflict of interest (if any) at the time of submission. The conflict of interest includes grants or honorarium, credits, and promotions, memberships or any personal or professional relationships which may appear to influence the manuscript. If there are no conflicts of interests, the authors should state, "none to declare."


Authors should mention clearly all sources of funding either grants/aides etc and should acknowledge the funding agencies accordingly.


Copyright Policy

PJMR reserve all right after the publication of an article, therefore, authors should have to submit a copyright Performa (available at site) which should be duly signed by all authors. However, if a manuscript is rejected, the copyright transfers back to the authors.


Ethical Approval of Research

PJMR follows the ethical guidelines of Helsinki Declaration, therefore, there should be a clear statement mentioning that all procedures/experiments/data collection etc have been done as per the ethical standards mentioned in the latest version of Helsinki Declaration.


Review Procedure

Submitted manuscripts are reviewed for originality, significance, adequacy of documentation, reader interest, and composition. Manuscript not submitted according to instructions will be returned to the author for correction prior to beginning the peer review/process. Revised manuscripts are judged on the adequacy of responses to suggestions and criticisms made during the initial review.

All accepted manuscripts are subject to editing for scientific accuracy and clarity by the office of the Editor.



All manuscripts are checked for plagiarism using Turnitin software and only those manuscripts proceed for review having similarity index <20 as per Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan recommendation.


If the similarity index is found more than the 20, PJMR provides an opportunity to authors to reduce this and ask authors to resubmit after proper revision.



Permission for Reproducing Material

PJMR reserves the rights of all published article, therefore, the content of the Journal cannot be reproduced, stored or used for any commercial purpose. Prior permission is mandatory if someone wants to reprint or copy the content.


Scientific Misconduct and Retraction

PJMR reserve the right to retract any article if there is any scientific misconduct. PJMR follows the guidelines provided by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan (HEC) for dealing with scientific misconduct.


Manuscript Withdrawal Policy

Authors have to send a formal email if they want to withdraw the manuscript during its processing period. However, if authors fail to send an email and publish the article somewhere else, it will be considered an ethical misconduct.




Note: The content of the editorial policy has been adopted from Journal of Pakistan Medical Association










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